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Drank to had become one of commonner nowadays gregarious kind, no matter be party kissing friend, still discuss the business, little not should drink. But actually, drink especially excessive drink, the health to human body is having very great harm, the person that waits for a disease to having high blood pressure especially, even if a few drinking, also cannot take. The harm that hypertension drinks introduces for everybody below!

A few hypertension is OK drinking

One, the knowledge of wine

Our country is the birthplace of wine, also be the birthplace of wine culture, it is one of countries with the earliest brew on the world. Wine can be 3 kinds by utility cent: Edible wine, medical alcohol and industrial alcohol. Those who point to saying to drink here is edible wine, other two kinds of wine are cannot of edible, feed by accident may have life risk.

The press of a lot of liquor get killed that feed industrial alcohol to tick off add by accident can be checked on the network, if differentiate wine of true and false, because of small make up without experience, do not be here misdirect everybody, ask self-study.

A few hypertension is OK drinking

2, can hypertension drink

History of our country brew is long, breed is various, the day that produces oneself begins, get first civilian welcome. From ” do not become place without wine ” , “Without wine not joyous ” this familiar to the ear can we can see in the everyday expressions of detailed, the Chinese is to prefer drink. Edible wine is inspected to be beverage in China, have sanitarian effect, can promote haemal circulation, loose of stimulate the menstrual flow, dispel the wind is wet, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
It is OK to still have different medicinal liquor edible.

So, is hypertensive patient not OK drink? Circulate from blood, loose of stimulate the menstrual flow, dispel rheumatism looks on the angle of this function, right amount drink1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Using wine have profit to the body. But the national condition with China, have ” wine crosses 3 make one’s rounds, dish crosses the five flavors ” say decline, means drinks with the person that be the same as banquet should pass 3 rounds each. Moreover, of domestic urge sb to drink. consuetudinary, control drinking amount very hard. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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With a lot of doctors for everybody healthy1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Consider suggested not to drink.

A few hypertension is OK drinking

3, drink the burden that increases the body

1, drinking meeting makes cortin and catechu phenolic amine secrete a quantity to increase.

The cortin can bring about steroid sex diabetic, catechu phenolic amine can bring about exhaustion of acute kidney function, local organization is short of blood necrotic, can affect the blood pressure level of hypertensive patient so.

2, add hemal and nervous element;

Drinking is to be able to make hemal and nervous element increases secrete, hemal and nervous Suzengduoke causes kidney sex high blood pressure. Drinking meeting affects abideShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net
Annulus blood is measured, reflection sex ground affects those who fight diuresis hormone to release bring about blood pressure to lift, hemal pressurization element is called again fight diuresis hormone.

3, free is calcic chroma heighten

Of film of the cell inside body of drinking meeting influence appear gender and fluidity, ionicLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Obstacle of function of have a change of luck, calcic chroma of the dissociate inside heighten cell, obstruction of blood-vessel of the week outside increasing, final meeting expression is pressed for diastolic pressure and systole elevatory.

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