Although ” final illusion 15 ” won’t land PC platform at present, but the possibility that a lot of detail can’ts help letting us guess this game PC is changed. GameStop weighs afterwards ” final illusion 15 ” after landing platform to include PC, end of of Square Enix producer cropland is to put a word to although be not done at present,say more, but regular in the future meeting considers well.

The media after the news briefing is interviewed in, many media asked about ” final illusion 15 ” the possibility that lands PC. Because we get will total energy dedicated at lead plane board ensure game quality can be achieved optimal, very regretful PC edition makes while we are doing lead plane edition without method ” final illusion 15 ” , cropland end is accepting the say when interviewing, but once game of lead plane edition is made,finish, we can consider to roll out PC edition certainly ” final illusion 15 ” feasibility, decide the detail of research and development, consider all possibility carefully. But come round to say with respect to eye, we had not made the decision that rolls out PC edition, and we still have various other issues to get first consideration now.

Although SE did not make known his position clearly, but considering the last few years ” final illusion ” the impetus that series lands PC platform, if ” final illusion 15 ” it is strange to do not roll out PC edition ability let a person feel truly in the future. You PC player mights as well maintain expect.

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