According to Japan ” morning sun news ” reported on April 13, on Feburary 9, german south produces accident of train barge against one case, cause 11 people death, about 80 people to get hurt. On April 12, local check just releases a message to say, had killed factitious suspicion to arrest the train dispatcher with error. Check just thinks game of mobile phone of indulge of the dispatcher when the accident, did not issue correct directive to train driver, bring about accident happening finally.

The accident happened on Feburary 9, according to authorities introduction, during this dispatcher is beginning to go to work to happen to the accident, playing game of online mobile phone all the time. His attention is centered on game, issued wrong directive to train, and do not have machine of correct operation communication, fail to issue urgent directive correctly.

The investigation of heretofore did not discover train itself existence is technical problem. Investigation personnel ever expressed, german railway system matchs the much valve safety with very perfect stock to manage a mechanism. Because this is in,produce disastrous postaccident, person disaster from make investigation central point at the beginning.

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