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Beijing time on June 5, life of much husband of Du Sai Er pinged contest rings down the curtain 2017. Bencibi surpasses urge again and again of the biggest blame winning the home to not be belonged to, she gains the championship the 3rd times in Zhu Yuling of conquer of the 4-2 in female odd final’s individual. Write hand Liu Shi Wen in female double final again, chen Meng of 4-3 win by a narrow margin and Zhu Yuling, individual profession career obtains world ping to surpass female Shuang Guanjun first. Urge again and again also becomes history of Chinese female ping to go up at this point, be in same a history that the world obtains coronal of female odd female in pairs on ping contest the 6th person. Nevertheless Wang Nan is in 1999, 2001, what created 2003 is successive the spectacular record that 3 worlds ping contest harvests double coronal, not only unprecedented, and h上海千花社区

ind have arrival hard.

Seize double coronal more numerous than the shoulder elder

Chinese team obtains same a female sheet of world ping contest, female Shuang Guanjun the first times, it is contest of ping of world of much 1989 especially unconscious heart tall of female odd champion is red. Chinese male team encounters slippery iron Lu at that time, but Qiao Gong of 20 years old gains the championship in Li Fenji of famous general of Korea of the conquer in female odd final, she mixes female double final again at that time just Deng Yaping of 16 years old takes on, the Chen Jing of conquer China Taipei / Hu Xiaoxin obtains female Shuang Guanjun.

Tianjin world ping was surpassed 1995, and world ping surpassed Manqiesite 1997, that is the times that belongs to Deng Yaping completely, deng Yaping parts with 22 years old, age of 24 years old is successive two worlds ping contest obtains coronal of female sheet, female in pairs, 1995 doubles partner of Deng Yaping is Qiao Gong, her doubles partner changed Yang Ying 1997.

King Nan is in 1999, 2001 and 3 worlds came true to capture continuously on ping contest 2003 the brilliant record of double coronal, and see a world ping alone contest daughter double this projec上海贵族宝贝

t, wang Nan realized world ping to surpass to 2007 from 1999 female pair of 5 Lian Guan’s great exploit. 5 female double gain the championship, before two Wang Nan’s partner is Li Ju, 3 partners are piece of happy peace from the back. Additionally Zhang Yi is in rather Shanghai world ping was surpassed 2005 on, yan of Guo of conquer of female odd final gains the championship, she is the country pings f爱上海

emale team life pings contest captures the 4th person of double coronal.

Parisian world ping was surpassed 2013, li Xiaoxia of female odd champion is in new division Olympic Games Shi Wen of Liu of the conquer in female odd final gains the championship, that match she obtains female Shuang Guanjun with Guo Yue partner again. Li Xiaoxia and Guo Yue are the old rival that from Sagelebu the world pings fight bravely together since contest, old partner, they are in yokohama, Lu Tedan and Paris, obtain a world to ping contest daughter double 3 Lian Guan.

From frustrated captain arrives perfect man

In April go up without Xi Yajin contest, urge again and again ever lost beautiful house of champaign of Japanese young general accidentally in 8 strong fight. Before this world ping is surpassed, the condition of urge again and again and play how, the outside is afraid very, herself also says to not be a target in order to defend crown, demand the war outside not be defeated only. Female single winning voice is highest before contest is Liu Shiwen, the person that values Ding Ning to defend crown is very few. The Creator however get a person, after international pings couplet signs a watch to come out in detail, what number one seed becomes the sports meet to defend on half region alone is exclusive brunt of ping of a country.

Singles of world ping contest is being surpassed have 128 lots, want singles winning need to win 7 balls repeatedly that is to say. Because Ding Ning is阿爱上海同城

to defend on half region alone, she should新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

achieve the goal of the battle outside not be defeated, have to win 6 repeatedly. Plus this world ping contest is being surpassed before beginning, the country pings female team encountered the bishop drills the accident meets with again the awkwardness of suspend sb from his duties, can say a lot of adverse elements denied concentration to be in the country pings on female team body. Urge again and again is namely below this kind of circumstance, one is hit, of the miracle that odd champion of two years of Wei Mian daughter lies between when coming true. 8 strong fight repel Ishikawa beautiful pure, avenge finals champaign beautiful eaves, the focal war that becomes the outside to be looked at with new eyes to Ding Ning. Play of urge again and again of female odd final is very perfect, zhu Yuling does not have too much concussion almost her opportunity.

Du Sai’s battle captures two coronals, the confidence that urge again and again continues to be hit can get buildup accordingly. Look from angle of pure actual strength, urge again and again and Liu poem Wen are table tennis circles of current world woman two old unique past master. And look from the angle such as contest experience, urge again and again has more brilliant military successes and show than Liu Shiwen again. Will look at present, urge again and again can look forward to next year world to ping contest guides whole group to continue at least brave climbs a peak, and look forward to ping of individual 2019 life to surpass again battle all corners of the country, challenge again capture the record of double coronal. If these were accomplished, had been done, urge again and again enters the job of an Olympic Games, or success will come when conditions are ripe. (Red)

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