Will be in the world of Zou Fuming WBO that Shanghai Oriental sports center holds 28 days night this month freedom of chatelaine of gold of professional fist king defends crown battle to enter comprehensive sprint phase at present, these days of propagandist promotion group is to make a topic ceaselessly more, the hottest is Zou Fuming express, the Wei Mian that he wants to set 12 rounds in this uses 4 bouts only in battle with respect to Mu Cunxiang of KO adversary Japan, the threaten before regarding pair of Mu Cunxiang as this should bring back golden chatelaine with the means of KO Zou Fuming strong response of Japan.

This is Zou Fuming has prizefight competition the 2nd times in Shanghai, but it is he will carry of阿拉爱上海同城

f in the United States on November 6 last year this vacant WBO after the golden chatelaine of this level defend crown battle first. The battle of free Wei Mian after Zou Fuming gains the championship should be originally上海贵族宝贝

by the regulation inside half an year hold before May 6 this year namely, but plan bubble soup because of all sorts of reasons however.

Zou Fuming ” solo flight ” it is one big profit good

This freedom defends crown battle, zou Fuming chose hand of fist of a Japan 上海千花网

to serve as his adversary. Mu Cunxiang suits to defend the mate of crown first when Zou Fuming very much really. This is a kind of choice from Lv of double reexamination of actual strength and market, because, zou Fuming from end an agreement of oneself original Cheng Li old and well-known family of broker company Shanghai ” solo flight ” , oneself establish a company to undertake this match, should prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan of course and red, japanese player is optimal choice.

Him Zou Fuming will hold run this race, compare Mu of A Lu of You Chengli old and well-known family and its partner United States possibly really ” work on regular shifts ” company namely Zou Fuming’s former promotion company is close frie新上海贵族宝贝论坛

nds, because of the thing to oneself, zou Fuming is affirmative and special go up heart, also can develop the resource that uses oneself two years this to come below recreational group and sporting 爱上海同城手机版

world scrape up more. Accordingly, although Zou Fuming announces suddenly ” solo flight ” your outside has bit of objection, but the development that is in China to prizefight also is beneficial for a certain respect, this is the new power that Chinese prizefight extends, can thinking even is the interest that has development perspective most likely. After all, at present prizefight encountered a few problems in Chinese development, people can discover, from last year secon上海贵族宝贝交流区

d half of the year begins, arrive first year after year today especially now, chinese prizefight popularizes a few well-known interest to encounter certain setback in the market, have contractive power, and Zou Fuming ” solo flight ” , founded oneself boxing brand ” boxing alliance China ” , regard boxing hand and promotion as the person at the same time, the one big profit that is Chinese prizefight market is good, like rising abruptly suddenly of match of WBC China area several days ago, brought new hope to show the Chinese prizefight that become silent slightly recently.

Zou Fuming already 36 years old, the first battle that defend crown chose allegedly actual strength not the Japanese fist hand of common, cannot say he has opponent firmly certainly. Everybody notices, of Zou Fuming come on the stage cost is occupied saying is 10 million yuan of RMB, someone says, the race that oneself run goes how many money to have nothing to do with, is this equal to him movie star to open him company to perform leading role? Actually, come on the stage cost is a stunt only, did not have Zou Fuming, current Chinese prizefight still does not have what appeal force really.

The first battle that defend crown won, zou Fuming still can be hit certainly, until desertion golden chatelaine that day till, because his company relies on him,enter the market. Him Zou Fuming also said: “Want me to still can hold to only, be about to be hit all the time, because I do not think,leave boxing. ” accordingly, the probability that Zou Fuming wins mostly.

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