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Just as its name implies, ma Ga essence piece main raw material is Ma Ga, and the health that Ma Ga maintains the body to us is having very big effect. Contain in Ma Ga multiple and balanced reasonable nutrient composition. It besides can help male friend resist fatigue, filling kidney, improvement the woman still can be helped besides function force friend adjustment endocrinopathy, improve dim nonluminous color of skin. So Ma Ga essence piece what effect to have after all?

Ma Ga essence piece what effect to have after all?

Force of 1 promotion immunity.

Ma Ga essence piece the toxin that medicaments of Zhuang Yang of filling kidney of can cleared other remains, compensatory personSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
The nutrition such as the albumen with body indispensible place, amino acerbity microelement, activation sex system leaves in healthy big environment, invoke oneself source power, promote immunity force in the round, from go up to restore body function thoroughly at all.

Ma Ga essence piece what effect to have after all?

2 fight tumor action.

Ma Ga essence piece in contain the organic compound containing sulfur such as mustard oil glucoside and ester of benzyl of different sulfur cyanic acid, already many reports show these two kinds of material have the effect that fight cancer, if they are right the cancer of cancer of the stomach, esophagus, lung cancer, leukaemia function with all have particular.

Ma Ga essence piece what effect to have after all?

3 fight oxidation, defer consenescence.

Ma Ga essence piece in contained sugariness is head and neurological the sources of energy, ma Ga water carries content to have fight oxidation, ma Ga essence piece pair of oxidation nitrite, DPPH, cross degradation of ribose of oxidation hydrogen, to oxigenate to have inhibition. This shows Ma Ga has protective cell to avoid adequately suffer oxidation, this also is Ma Ga essence piece the pharmacodynamics that can fight oxidation.

4 improve impotent premature ejaculation.

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Ma Ga essence piece in rich and generous protein amino acid, polysaccharide, mineral reach its peculiar biology active amine of acyl of Jia of Xi of corporeal Ma Jia, Ma, essence of downy Ma Ga piece can useful shorten resonant hour, erect adroitly, advancement erects hardness, improve performance of impotent premature ejaculation completely.

5 perfective function.

Ma Ga essence piece enhancing sexual desire of male and female and the function that improve sexual function also is his one of important and traditional effect. Be in abroad, essence of downy Ma GaSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Piece taste as the medicines and chemical reagents that can enhance sexual desire and fertility and health care sell in drugstore, be called by people ” natural Wei elder brother ” and ” natural Wei elder sister ” , essence of downy Ma Ga piece the trouble of the old people in can be being used at solving, husband and wife all can be taken. Ma Ga essence piece compare with other remedy photograph, do not have side-effect blandly more, ma Ga essence piece it is a kind of first-rate food!

6 filling kidney.

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To active peptide capsule, do not contain hormone not to have side-effect, suit 18-70 year old grown man is taken, through scientific recipe of international, embedded big1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The active nurture of the quantity is qualitative, of body of sponge of stimulative penis cell and smooth machine organization grow, realize second birth to grow thereby.

7 increase spermatozoon amount, promotion fertility.

Ma Ga essence piece two kinds of unique plant active class status are direct action at male hypophysis, make issue the endocrine adjustment of sexual gland of ─ of hypophysis of grave head ─ to increase, stimulative sex hormone is secreted. Ma Ga essence piece effect depends on stimulating genital official to run normally, maintain its whack at the same time, stimulative spermatozoon is generated and mature, increase spermatozoon amount and, the vigor of stimulative spermatozoon, stimulative conception action.

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