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As a kind of common fruit, lemon is very welcome, especially the female likes particularly, eat lemon to be able to complement rich vitamin C, the person that has constipation for a long time should eat lemon more, the person of inappetence eats lemon very good also, it is OK that summer eats lemon disappear heat satisfy one’s thirst, recommend a lemon and rock candy to stew today will eat, right healthy first-rate, particular way is as follows.

Is the citric rock candy that stew correct what is practice measure?

The first, the citric rock candy that stewForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Truly practice

Rock candy stews citric drinkable method: Usable warm boiled water, cold boiled water perhaps adds ice strong attune is drinkable. Ask an attention: As a result of citric and original agonized flavour, add rock candy to stew make 10~12 hour, so the entrance can feel have acrid with small acerbity move, turn and answer pleasant, but citric can the fire below heat, those who lean is these sufferingShanghai Long Feng forum

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, difficult part, and this kind of entrance is small acerbity, turn and return the sense of pleasant, just be to sell a site, pure natural, without add.

Is the citric rock candy that stew correct what is practice measure?

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The 2nd, rock candy stews lemon


1000G of citric 500g rock candy



The citric and abluent section that blow goes the nucleus puts stewpan bottom


The face puts rock candy to stew 10 hour


Had stewed fall to already disinfected vitreous bottle contrary to reason or one’s expectation makes vacuum

Is the citric rock candy that stew correct what is practice measure?

The 3rd, rock candy makes a method

Earthy legal system is made

Sugar juice makes up: Choose white saccharic 50kg, add divide evenly of agitate of clean water 10kg, make candy dissolves adequately at water.

Boil formulate a method: Boil before making, be in in interlining boiler inside interlining, add vegetable oil, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Enter the sugar juice that has made up superstratum boiler next inside, boil with fire make. When sugar juice boils 5 ~ 6 minutes, the saturated alum solution below rejoin normal temperature 0.5 kilograms, edge border agitate makes its mix adequately. Measure with the thermometer, lift when the temperature inside sugar juice 150 ℃ , cease-fire drops in temperature a boiler. When giving boiler, temperature with 115 ~ 120 ℃ are best.

Crystallization method: the sugar juice that gives boiler, fill dish inside put on earthy hole, that day dish inside temperature maintains control in 90 ℃ , 10 ℃ drop in temperature everyday after, fall till. If temperature is insufficient, can add fire elevatory hole is lukewarm, usually, sugar juice is in crystallization1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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In the process, be afraid of cold do not be afraid of heat.

Alum is vitriolic aluminium Potassium, ionic can permanent deposit is in metallic aluminium in cerebrum, cause gawkish. Alum is added in prohibiting be being made in food. Alum namely the effect that vitriolic aluminium Potassium has crystallization nucleus, can make candy element forms crystallization body around oneself, in technology of a lot of industry, add alum to be used at quickening crystallization caky. Accordingly, indigenous method adds alum to make rock candy cannot excessive edible.

The 4th, rock candy note


1, because rock candy is easier bibulous be affected with damp be affected with damp, should put park consequently shady and cool and ventilated place.

2, if discover rock candy be affected with damp be affected with damp gives water, can blow with fanner work or insolate below park sun dry till.

3, if discover rock candy surface appears,change water appearance (stick) quite namely, because the family does not facilitate,handle, and cause a bacterium easily, consequently had better not edible.

Appropriate is fed

Old little all appropriate, especially appropriate of the person that lobar dry cough, dry cough carries blood without phlegmy, cough up phlegm is right amount feed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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With rock candy, to alleviating the symptom has certain help. Everyday 20 grams left and right sides. Allocate black tea, coffee and alimental with rock candy original gust and mouthfeel. Rock candy is contained relaxed not the sweet taste of be bored with, can use at Bao to make all sorts of nourishing provision.


Average person is unfavorable excessive edible, the person that contract hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and appropriate of pregnant woman, children is fed less; Patient of diabetic, tall blood sugar must diet.

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