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Pig hoof is us in the life very common feed capable person, hairdressing function and the ability that prevent osteoporosis are very apparent. The practice of pig hoof has a lot of, because contain some collagen protein much, general metropolis is used stew come cooking. Hoof of the kidney bean pig that stew is a kind of very typical method, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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If like to eat pig hoof, can learn specific cooking skill. So, what is the practice of hoof of the kidney bean pig that stew? We look below.

Kidney bean stews the practice of pig hoof

Kidney bean stews pig hoof


Advocate makings: Pig forepaw 1000 grams, white kidney bean 100 overcome

Complementary makings: Ginger 4, green a few, anise 1, caraway a few

Condiment: Dried tangerine or orange peel 1 small, chili pink 1 spoon, rice vinegar a few, chinese prickly ash 1 small spoon, white sugar 1 Xiao spoon


1, Clean pig hoof clean, cut is small immerse into cold water haemorrhage corrupt, again drop works.

2, White kidney bean immerses 1 day ahead of schedule, again pan is clean, drop does moisture.

3, Choose of sweet green, caraway is washed clean, all mincing end, inside outfit small bowl, add white sugar, chili face, unripe smoke, rice vinegar is smooth.

4, Put freezer to refrigerate tasty again, reserve.

5, The pig hoof that has handled falls into stewpan, add water to had been done not have, put anise, Jiang Pian, Chinese prickly ash again, medium baking temperature turns to boil 15 minutes after flourishing fire is boiled.

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6, Scoop pig hoof, develop foam of scour off float with clear water, drop works.

7, On stewpan buy fire, enter has boiled pig hoof, put kidney bean, Jiang Pian, dried tangerine or orange peel and right amount clear water.

8, 15 minutes are burned again after opening boil of big baked wheaten cake, turn again small fire stews 1 half hours to come sodden.

Kidney bean stews the practice of pig hoof

9, Scatter finally on chopped green onion, dip in on the makings juice of mix up can edible.

Soup of hoof of pig of lotus root of kidney bean lotus

Easy preparation of brief introduction material, the way is simple, flavour full-bodied


Pig hoof 3, lotus lotus root one cut, kidney bean a bowl small, ginger 3~5 piece, anise, green a paragraph, salt right amount

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Kidney bean immerses 12 hours with Wen Shui ahead of schedule above, pig hoof processing worksA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Clean, flay of lotus lotus root, abluent.

Water is heated in boiler, join 2 ginger, after be being burned, the hoof that put a pig is entered, scald haemorrhage foam.

Pig hoof turns into Bao, put Jiang Pian, onion paragraph, anise.

4. Add the water of full amount, big baked wheaten cake leaves.

Put kidney bean, medium baking temperature continues to burn the left and right sides. (vapour is too much cough up, did not take a picture piece)

Kidney bean stews the practice of pig hoof

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In, stew 4 hours, the 3rd hour puts lotus lotus root. (low carbon breaths out ~~ to use natural gas to burn a few hours too wasteful cough up)

Put salt to flavor can ~~

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