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Swimming crab and crab are different, swimming crab belongs to seafood, at ordinary times meeting having a way is a few morer, frying eat, deepfry, bake making is very delicate, what the flesh of swimming crab can compare crab is more a few more delicious, inside swimming crab yellow not much, flavour is very delicious however, the meat is very abundant also, wash one evaporate can use evaporate to bake make, bake the swimming crab that come out to also can contain the mouthfeel of a kind of barbecue, and exceedingly delicate still.

The practice of the swimming crab that bake

Fertilizer of swimming crab flesh is delicious, have clear hot detoxify, filling bone to add section of limb of sth resembling a net of the pith, invigorate the circulation of blood that raise muscle, stimulate the menstrual flow, benefit, add to be hurt absolutely, the effect that fills gastric juice, the disease such as arthritis of wet to zephyr of ache of leg of gore, injury, icteric, waist sex has certain dietotherapy effect, it is nourishing and alexipharmic grow liver shade, wash, evaporate one evaporate, the way is simple, are you done was opposite?

With makings

Swimming crab (4) 2000 overcome

Ginger 5

Rice vinegar 20 overcome

Old vinegar 10 overcome

Salt right amount

Unripe smokeShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
5 overcome

The practice of the swimming crab that bake

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Practice measure

1, get ready above all feed capable person, this is vivid swimming crab, half jins many, swimming crab so of size eating the most delicate.

2, get on the swimming crab body that buys work above all the leather muscle of the belt, with muscle of skin of the take out after muscle of shears clipping skin (everybody knows to leather muscle is bound on swimming crab body is for crab after revolt struggling in carrying a process, the leg on crab body can be interrupted in revolt, was thought to assure the integrality of crab, must want to bind epithelial muscle to crab, with assuring crab complete oh) , after keeping clear of the scatter broken flue that takes on swimming crab body clean.

3, put the swimming crab that clears away clean in a bit bigger salver, after be being rinsed clean with tap water.

4, the most crucial one step is shared with everybody now, perhaps a lot of darling people did not care about, right amount clear water is added in a pot for steaming food, after putting steam box, on the bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food that must put abluent swimming crab to a pot for steaming food conversely oh, because crab is in the process that evaporate boils, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab of crab can be released because of the heat of a pot for steaming food and duration, if not crab such conversely, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab of the crab after evaporate is ripe can flow entirely oh, that can be a reckless waste of food really oh, xi Xi, everybody sees him be in evaporate crab when, crab is put was opposite.

5, this moment is dug with ladle on right amount salt, even drop is scattered on swimming crab body.

6, after the boiler on the lid builds big baked wheaten cake to leave, continue conflagration evaporate makes 20 minutes or so, I today the crab of evaporate is half jins many, so my evaporate 25 minutes, the stew after involving fire can fill after 3.4 minutes piece enjoy cough up.

The practice of the swimming crab that bake

7, when our evaporate makes crab, we come to what modulation eats crab dip in makings, ginger is used after the knife is mincing.

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8, fall to be born smoke, rice vinegar and old vinegar flavor agitate divide evenly can, seaside person eats seafood to pay attention to a former juice raw ingredient, do not like to be cooked with redundant material, serve as with ginger dip in because crab sex is cold,expecting is, but counteract with ginger turn over times with respect to nutrition1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

9, delicious and clinking steamed crab go up desk cough up, deserve to go up the beer on draft of our Yantai, that is bright really crooked crooked oh.

10, so the swimming crab of fat, temptation has to your wood.

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1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
11, of seaside child love most, want every time big fast a cheek.

12, finished product

Small stick person

Although flavour of swimming crab flesh is delicious, nutrition is rich, but dead crabLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Still be diet; Because crab happy event feeds the cankered sex material such as animal body, belt of middling of its stomach bowel causes cause ill bacterium and toxic substance, once die hind, these bacterias breed in great quantities; Additional, more group ammonia acid still is contained inside crab body, group ammonia acid is easy decompose, can taking off carboxyl histamine of the generation below enzymatic action is mixed kind of histamine material, die when its especially hind, group ammonia acid is decomposed rapidder, as crab dead time grows more, the group ammonia that accumulates inside body is more, and accumulate when group ammonia a certain quantity of when can cause namely toxic oh;

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