[soup of crucian carp fish can put vinegar] _ feeds acetic _ how to put –

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The nutrient effect of soup of crucian carp fish is very pretty good, the absorption that it conduces to stimulative intestines and stomach exceedingly and digest, suit particularly old people and child and can complement protein, can complement mineral with the vitamin, and to the puerpera, drink a bit chicken broth to still can promote galactic exudation, a bit vinegar can be put when doing boiling water of crucian carp fish, have the effect of very good dispel raw meat or fish so.

Can soup of crucian carp fish put vinegar

Can soup of crucian carp fish put vinegar

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Do a fish at the beginning1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendMoment adds a dot to feed vinegar or drip a few lemon juice also are good method. In addition, the spice such as green, ginger, garlic is joined to also can go effectively when cook raw meat or fish.

Piscine soup suits what person to drink

Piscine soup can have more powerful nourishing effect, the old people in suiting and weak of physical ability empty, especially the puerpera is OK and right amount drink more a few, have very good effect to nourishing body.

The sort of the fish on the world is very much, and the practice of piscine soup also is very much, the nutrient value of every fish soup each are not identical, accordingly, everybody can do piscine boiling water according to his demand.

Can soup of crucian carp fish put vinegar

Take the advantage of piscine soup

Phosphor is contained in piscine soup much, haveLove Shanghai is the s[……]

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[the side effect that how changes black tea] – of disadvantage of _ harm _

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How changing black tea is the fine that uses cool and refreshing satisfy one’s thirst at the summer aptly is tasted, because function of its disappear heat is intense,this is, and the temperature that can drop human body quickly, but also plant because of this just about reason, it also can stimulate the gastric ministry of human body, the steam of the body is met abruptly become cool, what can affect people badly is healthy, people need society is scientific and so drinkable how to change black tea, and want right amount.

How to change the side effect of black tea

One, the side effect that how changes black tea

How does cold drink change black tea to be able to drop body watch or local temperature abruptly only, cannot lasting solution heat, satisfy one’s thirst. And appropriately drinkable heat tea, offset heat satisfy one’s thirst, clear hot cool body is more advantageous. Because water is hot tea hind can be outspread hemal, stimulative sweat gland is secreted, make a sweat carefree. The pore that many sweat fluid passes skin surface is oozy outside body and volatilize, can take away much style heat, can reduce body to express temperature 2~3 ℃ . In addition, the tea in how changing black tea is alkaline the action of advantageous make water, micturition also can1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiTake away one part quantity of heat. Rich tea much phenol, dark brown element and amino acid still are contained to wait in how changing black tea, also can remove exciting saliva to[……]

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[the practice of hoof of the kidney bean pig that stew] how does _ of hoof of the _ pig that stew do –

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Pig hoof is us in the life very common feed capable person, hairdressing function and the ability that prevent osteoporosis are very apparent. The practice of pig hoof has a lot of, because contain some collagen protein much, general metropolis is used stew come cooking. Hoof of the kidney bean pig that stew is a kind of very typical method, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city Forum of Shanghai night netIf like to eat pig hoof, can learn specific cooking skill. So, what is the practice of hoof of the kidney bean pig that stew? We look below.

Kidney bean stews the practice of pig hoof

Kidney bean stews pig hoof


Advocate makings: Pig forepaw 1000 grams, white kidney bean 100 overcome

Complementary makings: Ginger 4, green a few, anise 1, caraway a few

Condiment: Dried tangerine or orange peel 1 small, chili pink 1 spoon, rice vinegar a few, chinese prickly ash 1 small spoon, white sugar 1 Xiao spoon


1, Clean pig hoof clean, cut is small immerse into cold water haemorrhage corrupt, again drop works.

2, White kidney bean immerses 1 day ahead of schedule, again pan is clean, drop does moisture.

3, Choose of sweet green, caraway is washed clean, all mincing end, inside outfit small bowl, add white sugar, chili face, unripe smoke, rice vinegar is smooth.

4, Put freezer to refrigerate tasty again, reserve.

5, The pig hoof that has handled falls into stewpan, add water to had been done not have, put anise, Jiang Pian, Chinese prickly ash agai[……]

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[the practice of the swimming crab that bake] – of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of _ delicious practice

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Swimming crab and crab are different, swimming crab belongs to seafood, at ordinary times meeting having a way is a few morer, frying eat, deepfry, bake making is very delicate, what the flesh of swimming crab can compare crab is more a few more delicious, inside swimming crab yellow not much, flavour is very delicious however, the meat is very abundant also, wash one evaporate can use evaporate to bake make, bake the swimming crab that come out to also can contain the mouthfeel of a kind of barbecue, and exceedingly delicate still.

The practice of the swimming crab that bake

Fertilizer of swimming crab flesh is delicious, have clear hot detoxify, filling bone to add section of limb of sth resembling a net of the pith, invigorate the circulation of blood that raise muscle, stimulate the menstrual flow, benefit, add to be hurt absolutely, the effect that fills gastric juice, the disease such as arthritis of wet to zephyr of ache of leg of gore, injury, icteric, waist sex has certain dietotherapy effect, it is nourishing and alexipharmic grow liver shade, wash, evaporate one evaporate, the way is simple, are you done was opposite?

With makings

Swimming crab (4) 2000 overcome

Ginger 5

Rice vinegar 20 overcome

Old vinegar 10 overcome

Salt right amount

Unripe smokeShanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 5 overcome

The practice of the swimming crab that bake

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

Practice measure

1, get ready above all feed capable person, this is vivid swimming crab, half jins many, swimming crab so of size[……]

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[average report rice cooker can make cake] _ does _ how to do –

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A lot of people like to eat cake at ordinary times, the sort of cake is very much, the cake of different sort, taste also is different, neverthelessShanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a netMost cake is sweet, when life energy of life is not happy perhaps, eat on a few cake, what can satisfy person mouth to go up not only is delicate, and still can make a person buoyant immediately, the making method of cake also is very much, electric pot for cooking rice also can use the cake that make, can rice cooker of that general electrify make cake?

Can average report rice cooker make cake

Average report rice cooker becomes the means of cake

1. prepares place to need to feed capable person, and metage good weight.

2. detached egg white and yoke, do not have oily container Cheng Fang with 2 anhydrous respectively.

Lid of 3. egg white lasts film reserves, yoke is put aside.

4. mixes milk and corn oil.

5. sift out sifts low muscle flour.

Love Shanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with the sea
6. mixes oily, milk, low pink even.

7. joins yoke finally.

8. agitate reserves into exquisite yoke paste.

9. takes out egg white, eggbeater leaves 3 block, hit to egg white to become ivory liquid state.

10. is one-time join Bai Sha candy.

11. continues to dismiss to mention albumen of the head that lay an egg is shown erect small needle.

The albumen that 12. takes 1/3 to dismiss joins yoke in paste.

13. fast gentleness breaks up mix even.

14. answers the rest albumen again in, break[……]

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[flesh of leek cook again] _ does _ how to do –

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Leek authority is not new, can make food of a lot of the daily life of a family. For instance leek scrambles egg, the dumpling of leek stuffing, steamed stuffed bun, leek box. Flavour is first-rate, rich vitamin is contained in leek, everybody can eat more a few. Leek can promote the gastric bowel peristalsis of human body, avoid to produce costive problem. Flesh of leek cook again is a kind of course that everybody takes via regular meeting, flavour is first-rate, how is flesh of leek cook again made?

Flesh of leek cook again

Advocate 5ml of cooking oil of 50ml of thick broad-bean sauce of 15g of 8 millet any of several hot spice plants lays burden of leek of 200g of makings 500g steaky pork the course of the daily life of a family that takes leek of 5ml cooking wine to fry the brief introduction of cook again flesh to exceed go with rice. Leek fries the practice of cook again flesh

Flying water of wine of feed in raw material of 1 steaky pork.

2 leek are cut paragraph, millet any of several hot spice plants is cut paragraph.

3 had flown the steaky pork of water cuts chip.

The 4 boiler that heat up oil, next thick broad-bean sauce are fried come a red oil.

5 pour steaky pork to fry to shape of roll into nest.

6 leek and millet any of several hot spice plants fall to fry come to be born, add unripe transfer flavour can.

Flesh of leek cook again

Leek nutrition value

1, leekLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forumThe water content of dish is as high as 85% ,[……]

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